Fashionable Scarves and Wraps

Bright colored scarves, hats, and turbans are all a part of the fashion scene these days and you can be in fashion wearing a Happy Head wrap!

Each head wrap is made of two complementing fabrics that can be flipped over and used as two different head coverings. They are made in one piece that can be worn and tied to create many different looks. The front band is folded back to create a stylish cuff and to adjust to the size to your head. The extra long ties allow for creative and versatile styling. The ties wrap around the head to secure a comfortable fit and can be wrapped once or twice around the head to create your own individual look. They can be knotted or twisted tight for a turban style, or wrapped and tucked under for clean basic looks or tied into a large, soft bow!

Each head wrap can be customized to meet your own personal fashion needs. Be in fashion with our beautiful one-piece, two-in-one head wraps. We have many vibrant, colorful designs for you to choose from, Happy Heads head wraps complete any wardrobe from casual to sophisticated. Happy Head wraps are designed to be comfortable, fashionable, and sophisticated. We have many colors to match your mood and wardrobe. Happy Heads wraps are the most beautiful and well-made head wraps in the market.

Wearing a Happy Heads head wrap will provide secure head coverage, brighten up your days, make you feel beautiful and keep you comfortable as well as fashionable. And giving a Happy Heads wrap to a friend or loved one will brighten up their day! We choose our designs and colors to put a smile on your face when you wear or give a Happy Heads wrap!

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